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Providing extensive experience in information security and blockchain services customized for your enterprise.

Regardless of the size and maturity of your organization, we can help you to protect the right areas of your organization with the right resources.


Zero Friction solves cybersecurity and blockchain technology challenges by leveraging the deep domain expertise of our highly qualified employees and partners demonstrated across several organizations and industries.



From system upgrades or a move to the cloud ... to applications meant to improve the customer experience … and to integrate third-party solutions, one misstep can cascade into ransomware, data breaches and more; not to mention regulatory action, civil litigation and reputational damage. Zero Friction delivers actionable cyber risk assessments and recommendations to improve security, using industry best practices and the best technology available. 


Blockchain Design & Implementation

Blockchain development requires the developer to know not only programming languages, but also have a deep understanding of the principles of decentralized applications, smart contracts, cryptography, and interfaces with other external blockchain support systems such as pricing oracles or monitoring systems. Failure to implement the correct designs can permanently disrupt services, or result in breaches costing tens and hundreds of millions of dollars. Zero Friction understands these design constraints and provides subject matter experts to help blockchain companies to rapidly and securely seize blockchain market opportunities.


Blockchain Security & Risk Assessments

Securing blockchain solutions require specialized knowledge on the inner working of the blockchain components extending from blockchain infrastructure, nodes, smart contracts, to user wallets. Poorly secure or managed blockchain solutions can adversely impact an organization's reputation and financial posture. Zero Friction delivers both credentialed and experienced professionals ensuring your blockchain solutions and smart contracts are secured and correctly implemented.


Blockchain Investigations & Due Diligence

Hacks, thefts and scams are prevalent within the blockchain ecosystems. To tackle these challenges requires expertise and experience, both of which we have broad and deep engagement. Zero Friction assists businesses and individuals with the need for investigations, asset recovery, regulatory consulting due diligence with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT) regulations, and cyber security. Leveraging our traditional skills, proprietary technology tools and best-in-class assistance from partners, we provide investigative expertise and insights to support critical decisions and mitigate risks.



In this space, we share current news and our forward-thinking discussions on the key challenges and trends facing both commercial and public sector organizations.


Please share any thoughts, questions and comments and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for contacting us!



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