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Investigations & Due Diligence


Zero Friction provides our expertise to the crypto and blockchain community by assisting businesses and individuals with crypto investigations, due diligence supporting risk and regulatory management, and cybersecurity reviews. Our consultants are credentialed investigators (CCI and CTCE) with several blockchain investigation tools including QLUE, CipherTrace and BreadCrumbs. In addition to industry leading tools, we also leverage our the expertise of our inhouse experts, proprietary data sources, and risk evaluation methodology to deliver accurate and complete analysis.


Our range of investigation services includes:

  • Conduct comprehensive wallet and related transaction analysis. Establish relationships across transactions and wallets. Deanonymize the senders and recipients. Assist with reporting and walkthrough of analysis for law enforcement and tax authorities.

  • Trace illicit transactions. Identify and monitor holding addresses through the blockchain in order to catch and recover stolen funds. Identify key transactions for reporting to law enforcement to support asset recovery.​

  • Conduct due diligence to better inform investments in the cryptocurrency and blockchain market, assess the provenance of cryptocurrency wealth and help organizations make critical business decisions with confidence.

  • Provide due diligence to prove to tax authorities and law enforcement that you are a victim of a hack and your funds are no longer in your control.

  • Defense against accidental blacklisting of crypto addresses, legal or exchange freeze of funds, or wrongful accusation of theft.

  • Locate exchanges where funds may have been sent but forgotten.

  • Recover lost wallet seeds and private keys.

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