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Blockchain Security & Risk Assessments


Securing and auditing blockchain solutions require specialized knowledge on the inner working of the blockchain components extending from blockchain infrastructure, nodes, smart contracts, to user wallets. Poorly secure or managed blockchain solutions can adversely impact an organization's reputation and financial posture. Similarly, the lack of transparency also reduces trust and confidence in the custody management of digital assets.


Our blockchain security and risk assessments include:

  • reviewing the design and implementation of effective compliance programs, covering onboarding, remediation and monitoring for businesses that deal with both fiat and digital currencies.

  • performing cybersecurity assessments to test the resilience of systems, applications and facilities to prepare against and mitigate the risk of an attack.

  • conducting reconciliation of digital assets against custody, or assets under management.

  • evaluating compliance to anti-money laundering requirements.

  • assessing individual/customer and  counterparties to blockchain transactions, to effectively mitigate financial crime and reputational risk exposure.

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