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Blockchain Design & Implementation


Our expertise with the various blockchain platforms and smart contract implementation can accelerate the time to market for your blockchain implementation while ensuring security mechanisms are built into your blockchain endeavors. Our blockchain design review and implementation services are as follows:

  • Provide review of proposed governance of implementation including stakeholders, and stakeholder management; assess platform architecture management and reviews including consultation on use cases, platform selection (permission vs. public), and the best-fit, modular, preconfigured networks and infrastructure; evaluate the risks from the usage of external systems (e.g., oracles, liquidity pools), security appliances and other monitoring sub-systems.

  • Review the implementation of decentralized applications (DApps) and associated interfaces such as smart contracts, libraries, oracles, etc.

  • Audit smart contracts for vulnerabilities and weaknesses using industry-leading automatic scan tools. Our experts manually review smart contracts to eliminate human coding errors, and evaluate for possible exploits using techniques such as reentrancy, front running, arbitrage or oracle manipulation, and others.

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