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Enhanced Search on Web3 Hack and Scam DB

May 8, 2022 - For the last several weeks we have making backend modification to our database with the goal to provide a concise and more meaningful way for end-users to pull data from our database.

To start with we have updated the search URL to The old URL has been configured to redirect to the new location.

Similar to the old design current data as of last updated is listed in reverse chronological order when you arrive at the page. We added several dropdown filters allowing you to define in details on how you would like to perform the search. We also added three different refine search boxes to further scope the results by partially match what entered against the filtered dataset. Any combination of dropdown filters and refine search boxes are acceptable. The Search Button updates the search query to obtain the applicable result. Reset Button returns the filters to their default undefined state as well as removal of search criteria entered into the refine search boxes.

When the search is executed by the Search button, the results are displayed below the search selection along with the number of records matching the criteria and the aggregated total losses from the query shown in the example below.

The More Button for each entity displays more in-depth details for the entity with regard to the incident.

We will be providing a deep dive interpretation of the data fields in a future post. That concludes the highlights of the new search mechanics. We hope that you are able to find the updated search more useful. Should you have any suggestions on this service, drop us a comment via our contact page.


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