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Pending Major Development on Hack and Scam DB

April 30, 2022 - Our blogging activities have slowed down in April because we have been busy retooling the Hack and Scam DB in anticipate a relaunch. We are also planning to release additional capabilities for end-users to extract data from our database to address use cases such as:

  • What incidents look like from one month vs. another month, year to year, etc.?

  • Were the stolen funds transferred into a mixer? Which one?

  • Incidents on one platform vs. another

  • Recovery amounts

  • Audits and KYC reporting

The above is just a small list of changes pending to be implemented in the next release.

As noted below, we have already upgraded our detail page in late April to provide better access to details.

More details will be released over the next several weeks.


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