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ISACA Released Blockchain Audit Program

August 21, 2021 - Zero Friction's Tuan Phan originally worked with ISACA as an SME in the review of the Blockchain Preparation Audit Program to assist auditors with evaluations of blockchain adopters. That publication was followed by ISACA’s Blockchain Framework and Guidance that provides more in-depth guidance in areas such as interoperability, security and privacy, and digital asset/token requirements where Tuan played a key role in defining the generic blockchain reference architecture, and key security and privacy requirements for smart contracts and core blockchain components.

Now, ISACA extends the program by providing auditors with an additional tool to assess blockchain, ISACA offers a Blockchain Audit Program based on its Blockchain Framework and Guidance publication.

Tuan expanded on his expertise with the various blockchain platforms and audit components from ISACA’s Blockchain Framework (governance, infrastructure, data management, key management, smart contracts), and provides auditors with the controls, control objectives and testing needed to evaluate blockchain.

A recent ISACA Now Blog also provided additional summaries on the Blockchain Audit Program.

The publication can be obtained from ISACA online store.


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