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CyberSec Intel Thursday #4

December 30, 2021 - Welcome to CyberSec Intel Thursday (CIT)! More Log4J attack vectors along with scanning tools.


  • AWS suffered its third outage this month and the FTC wants to know why.

  • Oracle nabbed Cerner in a $28.3B acquisition. Cerner provides electronic health record, or EHR, software that healthcare organizations such as hospitals use to manage patients’ medical data. The database maker said that it will integrate its Voice Digital Assistant product with Cerner’s software to help medical professionals access patient data more quickly.

  • Zoom acquired Liminal assets to enhance its own offering. Liminal is a startup company that offers event production solutions built largely on Zoom’s SDK. Two of Liminal’s co-founders, Andy Carluccio and Jonathan Kokotajlo, will also join Zoom.



  • The White House invites several tech companies to discuss open source software security after the fallout relating to Apache log4j.

  • Shutterfly reported a ransomware incident past Sunday. The incident has impacted portions of Lifetouch and BorrowLenses business, Groovebook, manufacturing and some corporate systems have been experiencing interruptions. Conti ransom gang was reported as responsible by Bleeping Computer.

  • T-Mobile discloses a data breach impacting some of its customers using a SIM swapping attacks.


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