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Blockchain Intel Tuesday #7

January 10, 2022 - Dead man's switch for 'dead' wallets? Paypal is making another play at stablecoin; and celebrities are becoming plaintiffs. We are back with more hacks and rug pulls -- Read on.

Blockchain News
  • Paypal is exploring launching its own stablecoin.

  • Chainalysis reported that illicit transaction activity reaches an all-time high but all-time low in term of share of cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Several celebrities are being sued over Ethereum Max Promotion.

  • Sarcophagus raised $5.74M by selling its DOA tokens. The Sarcophagus protocol works by giving a person a series of actions to complete to verify they are alive. The deadman’s switch is triggered if the person does not perform the actions including sending funds to a recipient's public address and date at which to try opening the sarcophagus.

Hacks and Scams


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