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Blockchain Intel Tuesday #2

December 7, 2021 - Welcome to back to BIT (Blockchain Intel Tuesday). Just in time for the holiday season to give and to take with an unbelievable outcome from Miami, more seizures, more arrests, more exits and more hacks of DeFi projects. Read on!

  • Miami Jury Rules in Favor of Craig Wright - Wright, the computer scientist who claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin, does not need to share half of the Satishi cache of 1.1M bitcoin with the Kleinman's estate. Instead, Wright is require to compensate $100M for compensatory damage over breach of intellectual property rights related to W&K Info Defense Research LLC. The community remains skeptical that Wright is the famed Satoshi Nakamoto and have asked for him to move some of the original Bitcoins to prove his ownership.

  • FBI Seized $2.2M from Affiliate of Sodinnokibi/REvil Ransom Gang. In a recent forfeiture filing, the Dallas Division of the FBI submitted a forfeiture claim to 39.89 BTC held in an Exodus wallet belonging to a named person, Aleksandr Sikerin, a Russian national whose offenses involved the ransomware variant known as Sodinnokibi/REvil.

  • Europol Arrest Individuals Linked to Ransomware. Europol announced the arrest of 12 individuals in raids in Ukraine and Switzerland this week following a two-year investigation. These individuals are linked to ransomware attacks against 1,800 victims in 71 countries. According to the law enforcement report, the actors have deployed ransomware strains such as LockerGoga, MegaCortex, and Dharma, as well as malware like Trickbot and post-exploitation tools like Cobalt Strike.

  • Head of Facebook's Failed Cryptocurrency Is Leaving the Company. David Marcus, the head of Facebook's cryptocurrency Libra stablecoin and Calibra wallet projects, announced on Twitter Tuesday he was leaving by the end of the year.

  • Bored Ape NFTs introduces its Red Ape Family in a Video Cartoon. 2 Chainz produces a short animated 8-minute cartoon (NSFW) highlighting the escape of the Red Ape Family from a dying planet onboard the Musk-1 spaceship.

  • Crypto Heist: $4 Million Taken. Thieves got away with a safe containing cryptocurrency keys to $4M Australian dollars crypto wallets. Owner offered a reward of $500K for its return.

  • Several DeFi projects got hacked over the past couple of weeks. Wanna Farm lost $1M due to a race condition manipulation. Formation Finance and Lever Network lost $100K and 650K, respectively, because of insufficient input validation. Unlock Protocol lost $9.7M due to private key compromise. OlympusDAO lost $1.43M because of a vulnerability. Ploutouz Finance got exploited for $365K through a pricing oracle manipulation. BadgerDAO just got hacked for $120M, with Celsius Network significantly impacted by $51M based on blockchain data. Last and not least, BitMart, the self-proclaimed 'Most Trusted Crypto Trading Platform', has lost $196M from two of its hot wallets on Ethereum and BSC. All DeFi hacks within a two-week period!


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