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Auditing Artificial Intelligence

November 8, 2021 - Tuan Phan recently gave a live interview with Chris Cubbage of MySec.TV.

The interview covered the key messaging from The Pulse survey report from ISACA pertaining to AI trends such as:

  • Security practitioners are leading the way in AI and machine learning (ML) adoption and implementation because they are seeking to improve their ability to identify threats and new vulnerabilities.

  • Artificial intelligence is in high demand, with 69 percent of respondents indicating a moderate-to-high interest in training for AI.

  • AI takes the lead as the top professional development technology.

  • While many respondents deem AI and cloud to have legitimate uses (42 percent and 66 percent, respectively), most are unwilling or unable to speculate on whether an emerging technology is useful or merely a trend, which may be indicative of an open-minded approach to the possibilities of emerging technology implementations. .

The discussion addressed how machine learning is related to AI and the different techniques the auditors can leverage to review supervisory and non-supervisory based machine learning models, and how complex decisions are made using deep learning algorithm. We touched briefly on impact of AI on auditors and the training needs for auditors. We also focused on what are some of the AI platforms out there and the ease for implementing AI projects with current technologies.

Also discussed is how AI systems can teach itself via the generative adversarial network, or GAN, among other sub-topics. Lastly, we made some predictions on the evolution of AI in the next 5 to 10 years with regard to cybersecurity, autonomous driving and metaverse!

The recorded broadcast is available on the following link.


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