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Compromise Support


Is your organization or yourself a victim of cryptocurrency scam or hack, or you believe your blockchain service has been compromised? You can get our specialized help for free. Contact us for further instructions  prior to sending us any suspicious artifact, such as files, email messages, links or social media message.

Zero Friction is a cybersecurity company with blockchain intelligence expertise. We use various tools and methods to better understand the threat agents and targeted attacks. By helping you, we can learn of active campaigns to prevent further attacks on other organizations and users.


We will not share your identity, or your organization's identity with third parties without your approval. We may use information gathered by our analysts based on your inquiry and share it with our clients or for our own research and disclosure. We will share this information with you as well, so you can use it for your personal or organizational defense.

This is an experimental service, which may be discontinued at our discretion. We will do our best to help based on our capacity. Submissions will be evaluated by Zero Friction and we reserve the right to decide if and how much resources to put into each one.

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